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CARPRO Bug-Out is the solution for the most noticeable issue to nearly every car owner around the world! A major issue for automotive enthusiasts… BUGS and their remains after they flounder into the front of your car!

In heavily infested areas or at night, your front end can become victims just as easily as the bug itself! The bug excretes a concentrated protein enzyme across the impact zone causing permanent damage to a variety of surfaces if left for too long. Additionally, some bugs have hard shells that can be unsafe to wipe without first softening their shelled bodies.

CARPRO Bug-Out safely and easily removes smashed and baked on bugs while softening hard-shelled bugs for safe removal! CARPRO Bug-Out was developed to be safe on a wide variety of surfaces including paint, clear coat, ppf, glass, plastic, metals, and more! CARPRO Bug-Out quickly melts the dried remains in front of your eyes allowing them to be easily wiped and/or rinsed off!

Use CARPRO Bug-Out as part of every wash routine and eliminate the problem before it starts!




Dissolves insect marks fast.


Non-splashing foam.


Safe on coated surfaces, glass & PPF (Paint Protection Film).


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