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Our Extreme bike range has been specifically designed to clean, polish, and protect your bike or motorbike.


Autobrite Extreme Bike Cleaner

The perfect all-around cleaner for your mountain bike or motorbike. With an effective formula, to easily lift dirt and grime from your vehicle.

This cleaner is suitable to use on all surfaces of your bike. It has a gentle formula that is free from harsh chemicals, which means it’s safe to use o delicate surfaces. It’s also a bio-degradable formula, which is available in 2 sizes. Our ready-to-use 1L bottle, and our concentrate 5L bottle. Which is perfect for those who have a few bikes, or wash them regularly.

This product features the same Autobrite Direct quality. A no-nonsense approach to effective cleaning for your bikes and other extreme vehicles.



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Product Features

  • Extremely effective
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Tough on grime
  • Gentle on delicate surfaces
  • Supplied ready to use in 1 Litre
  • Supplied as a concentrate in 5 Litre ( Makes up to 30 litres)


€ 11,85Pris
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