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Denim pad

With our CarPro Velvet and Denim Orange Peel Removal pads you can now remove or substantially reduce orange peel in the top layer without sanding.

While removing orange peel and deep defects you are also polishing the paint rather than leaving sanding marks which reduces the steps needed afterwards.

New to Version 2:

– Multiple Diameter pads available

– Foam Interlayer changed from 3/8" to 3/16"

– Redesigned foam interlayer for more effective orange peel removal

– Redesigned without holes for longer durability

AVAILABLE IN: 3" / 5 1/4"



Reduce Orange Peel and deep defects while simultaneously polishing paint


Equivalent to 2000 grit sandpaper with out the dulling of paint and sanding haze


Reduce Orange Peel without sanding


Orange peel removal without the haze generated by sanding

Denim Pad

€ 4,48Pris
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