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The most important step in creating a work of art is a clean canvas! That is exactly where Multi X comes into play with excellent cleaning power that is completely safe for the surface when used as directed!

Multi.X comes in a concentrated formula capable of removing all manner of filth and unwanted soiling! We recommend diluting 1:20 for general cleaning or 1:100 for high pressure cleaning applications. Please note we HIGHLY recommend that you test on an inconspicuous are of any material before use! Use on unknown materials only at your own risk!

As is the case with much of the CARPRO line, our products function in a full circle, meaning you can use this product as a pre wash cleanser but you can also use this product at the end of the wash cycle for deep cleansing and removal of many types of stains on a protected surface. CARPRO Multi X should always be diluted to suit the task and surface applied to.

With its citrus scent Multi X not only smells fantastic but offers a great deal of versatility with uses both on the interior, exterior, engine bay, and more!



€ 15,34Pris
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