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About Us 


Autoshine is an award-winning automobile detailing studio, based in Malta. Founded in 2006 by Eman Theuma, Autoshine began as a car wash garage in Zejtun. Although the car wash gained success across the years, his dreams were bigger than the small garage he started with. It was only after considerable planning he knew it was time to execute this long-term dream, and in 2010 he launched a fully equipped detailing service, where he became well-known for his excellent commercial vehicle detailing work.  

After more than half a decade, Eman finally started realising that his dream was becoming a reality which drove him to great accomplishments in 2016. He even became the first person on the island to achieve certification in Ceramic Shield by Kenolon. It wasn't until 2018 CARPRO was introduced in the Maltese market. Given the reputation garnered by international authorities, Autoshine effectively matured into a full detailing studio in 2019, focusing on high-end cars. One which many super car owners have tried and tested on their luxury rides, specifically ordering the famous 'Autoshine Full Detail Service.' 

Autoshine is an 'Approved Detailing Centre' by CARPRO and an 'Official Detailing Centre Of Excellence' by Angelwax. 

Other certifications include:

- CAPRO Licensed Detailer
- CARPRO Authorised Distributor
- European Detailing Academy 
- IGL Coatings

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Customer Reviews.

One of the best car detailer on the rock with the best service! ⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟

- Glenn Cassar

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